Auto Super Skunk

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Auto Super Skunk

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Auto Super Skunk

Auto Super Sunk is an indica marijuana strain made by crossing Skunk#1 with Afgani. This strain produces bold, relaxing effects that you can feel through your entire body. Medical marijuana patients choose Super Skunk to help relieve symptoms associated with chronic strain and pain. Super Skunk is ideal for anyone who enjoys an extra skunky aroma.

Flowering time: 56 – 63 Days
Height indoor:  30 – 60 cm

Taste & Smell

  • TAR

Cannabinoid Lab Data:

Cannabinoid                                                                   Amount                                                                                            

THC: 18.6 – 20.4%
Δ9-THC: /
CBD: 0.46 – 0.72%
CBN: 0.31 – 0.53%
THC-A: /
Δ8-THC: /
CBD-A: /
CBC: 0.22 – 0.62%
CBG: 0.44 – 1.32%
CBG-A: /

Seed storage:
Store in the original packaging at a temperature between 4°C and 8°C.

We sell seeds exclusively to adults (18+) for collecting purposes. We are not responsible for their further use that is contrary to local law.

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Auto Super Skunk

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